TzarStats is a website, that storage latest online games played in Tzar. Based on played games players ranking are calculated. Games are automatically send to the server by TzarRanking application.

Creating account

Before you start you need to connect your Discord account with TzarStats. Looks like you haven't done it yet so please Sign Up.

Installing application

To automatically send your games to website, you need to install TzarRanking application. Download application from here. You can install the application anywhere on your disc.

Integration with website account

Please start application. Now you need to copy your secret key to application. Secret key will connect application with your website account.
Please go to your profile , like on image below. Now copy the secret key. Paste it into the application, like on the image. Click Save button. As a result you should see information, that key has parred successfully. In top right corner your username should be shown.

Remember! TzarRanking application have to be runned while playing Tzar.